March 10, 2012

Here come the Lib Dems! Or, erm, perhaps not.

This weekend is all about the Liberal Democrat conference where the delegates want to talk about the NHS and the hierarchy don’t. And as Clegg covers himself in more odure by threatening to ignore delegates, it’s easy to forget that the Lib Dems did well last year at conference to question the Bill and ask for amendments. Here’s a good account by former Lib Dem MP Dr Evan Harris on why the revised Bill has sufficiently taken on board those key amendments. Harris’s advice is to drop the Bill.

However the Lib Dem hierarchy, in particular Shirley Williams, have worked themselves into a lather because they think writers, bloggers and journalists are being nasty to them. And even more bizarrely Liberal Democrat peers voted against amendments in the House of Lords this week that they had previously proposed. It’s fair to say that the Liberal Democrat hierarchy right now is confused, angry and if you’re Nick Clegg or Shirley Williams filled with a peculiarly angry sort of self-loathing. The type of people you can rely on when it’s last chance saloon? Let’s face it, probably not.

So what we need to cheer us up is Ruairiadh O’Connell’s colourful image of David Cameron being strangled by a St John’s insignia.